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theSoundNut, Inc. is devoted to providing a full range of audio services of the highest quality and utmost efficiency.  Client satisfaction is always first priority, whether it be production/post production for television/film, radio production, music production, live sound reinforcement, or audio for new media/interactive/web.  We are committed to seeing all projects through to completion in a timely and efficient yet detailed manner regardless of budget size or geographical location.


The studio facilities for theSoundNut are conveniently located in midtown Atlanta for clients wishing to attend post sessions.  The  studio is equipped with Digidesign's ProTools and Apple Logic Pro for audio sweetening to picture on a 1080p LCD monitor, ADAM & Genelec audio monitors featuring 5.1 surround sound capability. A seperate voice-over booth is ready to record talent on-site, as well as ISDN capabilities for remote recording/sending.  A very large FX database is on hand for high speed access to just about any sound effect you can imagine via Soundminer software.


In addition, theSoundNut, Inc. also provides consulting and installation services for acoustical treatment of room interiors -  whether they be small home theaters, project studios, or sound stages for video/film shooting.  We can accommodate many styles of decor with multiple options to match whatever application and level of sound absorption needed.


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